The Laurier Project

The Laurier Graphite property is located in Laurier Township, ON, approximately 40 km SSE of North Bay, ON.  The property is located in the highly prospective Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville geological province, host to many active graphite projects.  The host rocks for the target zone are graphitic paragneisses.  The property consists of a 8 mining claims. 

The property was described in Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) Open File Report 5649, published in 1987.  The report is entitled “Graphite in the Central Gneiss Belt of the Grenville Province in Ontario.”  The property has road access from Highway 11, which is 5 km to the west.

The report describes four graphite occurrences, two of which are currently being prepared for production.  These are referred to in the report as Butt Township (which is the Kearney Mine) and Maria Township (the Bissett Creek deposit).

Work performed on the Laurier property by the OGS described N-S trending graphitic schist units varying from 25 to 250m in width with 1.0mm (16 mesh) graphite flakes disseminated throughout.  In addition, a 1-2m wide vein of massive graphite was reported.

A field program, consisting of ground geophysics (VLF/Mag), prospecting, mapping and sampling, was completed late in June 2012.  The work performed has verified the reports from historic work on the property, and demonstrates the presence of a zone of high-grade graphite mineralization, with grades up to 22% graphite.  

A program of 20 km of line cutting and magnetometer - VLF Surveying was carried out. The VLF-EM yielded a well-defined conductor axis at the center of the grid which correlates to a magnetic high.  Both the magnetometer and VLF anomalies coincide with the OGS mapped graphite zone.

Mapping and prospecting identified abundant graphite, occurring in a quartz-feldspar-biotite-graphite schist metasedimentary unit outcropping in the centre of the grid.  Channel sampling of outcrops, both across and along the strike of the zone, returned assays of 3% to 22%.

Analytical results:  

Sample ID        Sample Type         Location                 Sample type/zone dimension                 % Graphite

26457               Rock                       L 50 N - 225          W channel - chip/2.5 metres wide                   4.94

26458              Rock                       L 300 N - 250         W channel - chip/75 metres along strike         3.47

26459              Rock                       L 200 N - 150          W channel - chip/2.1 metres wide                  22.27

26460              Rock                       L 200 N - 100          W channel - chip/2.0 metres wide                 14.88

26461               Rock                       L 850 N -150 E         grab/1.5 metre wide                                           4.11


In July 2013, the Company received a permit from the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines which will allow a drill program on the property.